"Robin has the magic touch. The healing that I’ve received under her care has felt gentle & powerful. Her combination of practical knowledge & intuitive application always leaves me feeling refreshed & accepted!"
~ V.M., Stevenson WA

"Intuition, compassion, dedication. What more could you ask?"


"I enjoy my time with Robin because she has a mind, body, and spirit approach to health and wellness. During my sessions I am transcended to a state of peace and relaxation. Afterwards I leave feeling a sense of balance and gratitude."

~ Correna Smith, North Bonneville WA

This clinic (and website) would not exist without the inspiration and support of the following:

my very first acupuncturist and lifelong teacher: Tom Bowman LAc, Lauren Breau @ L/A Community Acupuncture, Cate Maxon @ Tuscon Acupuncture Co-Op, Julie Cowen @ Woven Acupuncture, Lisa Swanson @ Dharma Acupuncture, Cynthia Gorsuch & Sonja Sivesind @ Community Acupuncture Project, Stephani Chetcuti @ Stuck Community Acupuncture, & Russel Brown @ POKE Acupuncture.

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