My goal in working with people is to empower Self, and provide support in your inherant ability and desire for personal growth and healing on all levels. As we are *part of* Nature; our bodies, minds, and souls reflect the elements, landscapes, and seasons. From this element honoring lens, I work with people to (re)engage with our collaboration with, and embodiment of, Nature... to reclaim harmony and connection with Life. 

In Listening/Reflection sessions I draw on a variety of techniques to attune to each person's process and perspective, establishing connection and safety, and then potentially guide healing and enrichment of internal and external relationships, most importantly one's relationship with one's self. Internal Family Systems (IFS) , considered the original "Parts Therapy", is a psycho-spiritual technique with the same intentions, and with a focus on bringing compassion and healing into our often conflicting inner dialogues via guided internal expolration and and compassionate witnessing.

In both Acupuncture and Craniosacral sessions I work hands-on with folks beginning with honoring where they are at; providing informed and intuitive treatments to empower and guide their own system to find the route to healing. These collaborative and empowering medicines are deeply effective - and with multiple treatments we are able to engage in healing beyond (and beneath) the patient's original complaint(s).

I offer multiple Private Treatment options as well as Community Acupuncture. My acupuncture treatments primarily involve distal point therapies, using sterilized needles, to help regulate balance and healing in body, mind, and spirit.

(Please see FAQs page for more detailed descriptions of treatments)

Image of clouds with quote overlay, “One hour of compassionate deep listening can bring about transformation and healing

IFS and/or Listening/Reflection

Internal Family Systems technique,

and/or Deep Listening without judgment and with optional reflection and/or guidance.

(Note: options for Telehealth)

Ranging from $54 - $162

Image of patient receiving fire cupping therapy

Private Acupuncture

Focused one-on-one acupuncture treatments. May include deeper discussion of treatment, cupping, moxa, and/or gua sha.


image of Craniosacral therapy treatment

Craniosacral Technique

Gentle touch and energetic engagement with fascia and connective tissue providing deep physical and somatic healing from chronic and/or acute conditions of the body and soul.


Robin chair-side with a patient in community clinic

Community Style Acupuncture

Affordable acupuncture in a community treatment room



Currently all treatments are

Telehealth or In-Home

**Scheduling is done via phone or email

I am also available for hire to provide private and/or community style treatments at events/gatherings. Please contact me directly to discuss

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